Ultimate House Design For Couples

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Ultimate House Design For Couples
Ultimate House Design For Couples

Ultimate House Design For Couples


A home is important in laying out life together as a couple, and of course, you should have a say on how it should be designed. A great design is not only about aesthetic -- it should also reflect how its homeowners use the space and show their personalities. Here are some choice tips on how to achieve the ultimate house design for couples:


One of everything

First things first: a couple moving in together tend to cram two-apartments’ worth of furniture and appliances in one house. Here is where negotiations begin: whether it is to keep an item for sentimental value or comparing the use of two coffeemakers, you and your partner would need to decide together what goes into your new space, and which one has to go to the bin. 


Figure out each other’s tastes

While you are both deciding to become one unit and spend the rest of your lives together, you are still two different people with different preferences. Take the time to learn each other’s tastes when it comes to home decor and hire an interior designer to marry the two ideas. Interested in taking things into your own hands? The two of you should make a mood board of how you envision your space to be and collaborate on what would work.


Couple personality

This is your home together -- hence it should reflect who you are as a couple. This means decorating your home with things that celebrate your relationship, whether they are framed photos of your moments together or designing the rooms around how you are as a couple. Are you newlyweds who enjoy a lot of time cooking? Make sure that your kitchen is conducive to bonding and entertaining. Are you the power couple type? Mirror this with a classy and elegant his-and-hers bathroom with gold-flecked tiles.


Me Time space

Moving in together is about designing your house as a unit, but don’t forget to establish a place in your home where you can be yourself. Whether it’s a nicely paved lanai or a simple reading nook, make sure that you have space in your home where you can have your own “me time”. 


Make It Last

Deciding to move in together is only the precursor to a long life together, so your home should be able to withstand time itself. Choose materials that are both chic and durable; for example, wood tiles for your flooring warms up the room and protects it from wear and tear. Also, tiling the splash wall in your kitchen with mosaic makes it easier to clean and provides an interesting conversation piece in your space.



Of course, designing a home for your new unit of family still boils down to preference. But the great thing is choosing and shopping for materials for your new home is another bonding experience that can strengthen your relationship. Head over to the Hong Lee Building Materials Pte Ltd store in Defu Industrial Park where you can find more than 60,000 square feet of retail and inventory space carrying close to 5000 choices to cater to any kind of design they want for their living space. 


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