E.MIX dp non shrink grout

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E.MIX dp non shrink grout

E.MIX dp non shrink grout consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, slag, non-metallic aggregates, expanding agents and additives. These materials are pre-blended and require only mixing with water before use. As a polymer modified mortar, E.MIX DP Non Shrink Grout is mixed with E.MIX Bond Admix diluted with one part of water instead of water only for spalling concrete repair. The grout contains no chlorides or other substances which could aggravate corrosion of reinforcing steel or prestressing steel cables.

E.MIX dp non shrink grout contains recycled material and is a green-labelled product with the rating of  ✓✓✓✓ Leader by the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme. E.MIX dp non shrink grout is an approved product in HDB Material Listing of a dry-packed grouting and patching material. 

E.MIX dp non shrink grout is mainly for general repairs e.g. patching and filling of gaps and holes in concrete works. It can also be used for void-filling, as anchoring grout for anchor bolts, railing posts, signs and other fixtures in concrete, rock or masonry. It is also designed to be a polymer modified mortar for spalling concrete repair by mixing E.MIX dp non shrink grout with E.MIX bond admix diluted with one part of water ( 1 : 1 ), instead of water only.

Packaging: 25kgs/bag