5 Signs You Need Your Flooring Replaced

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5 Signs You Need Your Flooring Replaced
5 Signs You Need Your Flooring Replaced
5 Signs You Need Your Flooring Replaced

Your flooring is probably the part of your property that takes the most beating. No matter if you live in a flat, condominium or landed property, the flooring inevitably catches all the spills, gathers all the dust, and is susceptible to most scratches and scuffles because of moving furniture and constant traffic. Everybody needs durable flooring, but it is also a reality that there will come a time when it’s time to replace it.

A few scratches on your floor are easy to overlook, especially when you can hide them with carpeting or a well-placed rug. But there are some cases when these will not work. Here are signs that tell you it’s time to replace your floors:



One of the most obvious reasons to replace your flooring is the presence of bugs and other creatures that have taken residence in the gaps of your floor. If you have wooden floors, termites are more than a problem of creepy crawlies -- they can compromise the structural integrity of your building. Sometimes, calling pest control is not enough because the problem will just recur. When pests have made your flooring their home, you need to dismantle your current flooring for a new one.



Admittedly, leaks from your flooring is not something you will easily notice, but you can be sure that your downstairs neighbour can. Typical of old buildings especially in the bathroom area, the wear and tear of the waterproofing and cement slabs in the subfloors can cause leakage into the apartment below you, and according to Singapore law, the cost to fix that is your responsibility. It depends how bad the leak is, but it’s highly likely that to fix the leak, you would need to hack and replace your tiles.


Beyond being a good neighbour, leaks also tend to cause molds and as your floors become waterlogged, it balloons and creates uneven flooring. Replacing your floors as soon as you find out about the leak can mean saving your family from health problems caused by molds and costlier repairs due to uneven floors.



While scuffles and scratches can be hidden with rugs and carpeting, odd noises and groans from your flooring still attracts attention. Family members and people who live in the house may avoid creaky floors by instinct, but guests will inevitably step on them. It’s best to have creaky floors replaced immediately to avoid accidents, and to make sure that you have no other underlying problems with the building’s structure. Creaky floors may be a sign of structural rot, too much humidity, or incorrect tile placements.



It’s inevitable that your floors would take the brunt of falls, whether it’s a wine glass or a heavy pot. Sometimes the fall would be significant enough to leave an unsightly crack on your flooring. Unfortunately, letting the crack sit unrepaired can lead to more cracks until eventually you have to deal with loose tiles, ‘tenting’, and uneven floors.

Cracks on your flooring can lead to accidents and costly repairs as it continues to deteriorate. It’s best to have cracked floors treated immediately to make sure that your problems do not become bigger than they are.


When You Need to Raise the Property Value

Some floorings are products of their time, and when you need to raise the property value of your unit or house, sometimes you need to update. Replacing outdated flooring can easily bring your space into the new decade. Of course, there are floor options that stand the test of time, so make sure that you have your floors appraised first before you decide to upgrade.

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