5 Popular Tile Shapes to Consider for Your Next Renovation

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5 Popular Tile Shapes to Consider for Your Next Renovation
5 Popular Tile Shapes to Consider for Your Next Renovation
5 Popular Tile Shapes to Consider for Your Next Renovation

Shopping for new tiles is one of the most exciting steps in renovating your home. However, it can get overwhelming with the large number of tile options available in the market. This is why it pays to research about different tile sizes, patterns, colours, and shapes before heading to a tile shop.

Besides the usual square tiles, there are other tile shapes that could work well with your preferred look for your home. Here are five trending tile shapes you may want to consider for your next renovation.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles have been used as home bathroom flooring since the 19th century. Today, most designers use them to give spaces a more contemporary look. They are usually made out of ceramics, porcelain, or natural stones like terracotta. Though they are oddly shaped, hexagon tiles are easy to install and match with various designs. Their versatility makes them a great choice for decorative flooring, kitchen backsplash, and even accent walls.

Penny Tiles

Penny tiles, as the name suggests, are small round tiles usually combined to form mosaics. They often come in uniform hues, though combining them in different colours and materials creates a bolder look. Penny tiles work best in bathrooms and kitchens, either as wall or flooring, for its slip-resistant feature. Some other places to install them are on posts, accent borders, wall niches, and curved surfaces.

Subway Tiles

Deriving its name from the walls that line New York City’s underground rail system, the subway tiles are rectangular tessellations with unequal yet refined proportions. They resemble brick patterns, but subway tiles are more suitable for interior walls. The best thing about subway tiles is you can style them in any direction. Whether applied vertically, diagonally or in running bond, they surely add to your home’s sophisticated vibe.

Plank Tiles

Another basic rectangular tile shape that is becoming popular today are plank tiles. They are commonly built with wooden or stone-like materials that give your home a rustic feel. With today’s technology, plank tiles can now be “formed” from ceramics and porcelains, making them easier to clean and maintain compared to actual wood or stone. This plank tile variation is also fit for poolsides and outdoor spaces.

Chevron Tiles

Often confused with herringbone tiles, chevron tiles are parallelogram tiles joined together to form a “V” shape. These tiles are some of the most fun to install and play with in modern homes. Available in stylish colours and textures, this tile shape is the epitome of “chic meets classy”. Most homeowners like to use them as a statement feature by putting them up as an accent wall or combining them with other complex tiles for flooring.

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