Instagram Worthy Living Room Concepts

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Instagram Worthy Living Room Concepts
Instagram Worthy Living Room Concepts

Instagram Worthy Living Room Concepts

When it comes to decorating your home, the living room is arguably the most important place to consider. This is the area of your home where you entertain guests, spend time with loved ones and be around each other. Naturally, you’ll want an aesthetic that is welcoming and tastefully captures your own personality.


Explore these design concepts to create an Instagram worthy living room that’s sure to delight your friends and followers.

Elegant and Luxurious

You don’t have to spend big to have an elegant living room that’s luxurious yet inviting. Make your living room a comfortable place to relax, have great conversation and a picture of luxury by making use of soothing neutral colour palettes and a variety of textures.


Think soft fluffy pillows, a woven fabric sofa with ornate flourishes, luxurious sofa throws and a centerpiece flower vase atop a dark wooden table that draws the eye. One of the best ways to create a touch of grandeur and an elegant and luxurious feel for Instagram is to opt for hardwood floors coupled with carpets beneath furniture to protect the natural material.


For practical reasons, you can opt for ceramic tiles styled to look like travertine or wood to maintain the same look and feel without having to deal with added maintenance. 

Trendy and Stylish

One of the key aspects of a trendy and stylish living room is the use of layers, geometric shapes and patterns to create interest and contrast. Stick with complementary colours and use two or three colours at most to tie in the entire look without going overboard. Using too many colours and patterns will have the opposite effect and make the living room look cluttered and messy.


One of the most creative uses of different shapes and patterns is to utilise them to demarcate separate areas of your living space. For instance, separate an open concept home by using a beige rectangular shaped tile for your living room floors and a grey chevron pattern for your kitchen floors. Use this living room concept to freely express yourself with different shapes and colours and dazzle your friends on Instagram!


Clean and Minimalist

Clean and minimalist living rooms, when done right, create a neat and calming space without being boring. This concept is defined by smooth lines, open spaces and simple designs. Many homeowners opt to use a single or two colours for the entire room. A well-loved combination is white or a muted colour with grey or wood accents. 


The most important factor to consider when designing an Instagram worthy minimalist living room is the perception of continuity. You want your space to feel symmetrical and well-organised. Large, uniformed coloured quartz tiles or patterned wood tiles for your floors are great options to achieve this. Remember, less is more!

Natural and Relaxing

Natural themed living room concepts use bouts of greenery, earthy tones and natural materials to create a relaxed, nurturing and livable environment. Chalky pastel coloured walls, woven furniture, potted plants are some of the things you’ll find in this concept. 


To complete the Instagram look, go for tiles with wood or rock finishes to tie in with the natural theme. Alternatively quartz or ceramic tiles coloured in earthy-tones are also a great option. Add animal or plant motifs in the form of pillows, art pieces or wallpapers to make the space come to life.


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