​​​​​​​Perfect Dining Tables For Your Home

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​​​​​​​Perfect Dining Tables For Your Home
​​​​​​​Perfect Dining Tables For Your Home


Perfect Dining Tables For Your Home


In your dining room, your dining table is king. Not only is it the focal point of the space, it is also where you create memories of family dinners and intimate celebrations. Sometimes, it also doubles as a workspace for you while you help your children on their homework and arts and crafts. It is also one of the most common furniture that you use when you’re entertaining guests at home, making it one of the most important investments you need to make.


There are many options out there, but some that deserve your consideration are stone-topped dining tables. Aside from its timelessness both in style and in durability, stone-topped dining tables are beautiful, versatile and interesting:


Marble Dining Tables


Throughout centuries, marble-topped tables have provided dining rooms with an air of luxury and panache. As your dining table becomes the setting for family gatherings and milestones, it is only fitting to have one that is both elegant and timeless. The polished surfaces of a marble table is just as stylish today as it was centuries ago, and it is a good investment for an eventual heirloom.


Choose a marble-topped dining table as a centerpiece of your dining room. Marble is versatile in style, which means that you can opt to go classical with the sturdy marble and base for formal dining rooms or a contemporary Parsons style with metal legs and frame. While it can be sensitive to stains and scratches, with proper care, your marble table will be a good conversation piece at dinner parties.


Granite Dining Tables


The industrial aesthetic lends itself to clean lines and having a natural granite tabletop is a perfect fit if you’re going for this style. Granite is incredibly versatile, and it can be cut into custom shapes and sizes. It also comes in a range of colours to match your designs, whether you’re going for a high gloss black or white aesthetic, or a multi-coloured scheme.


Having a natural stone tabletop can cost you a sizeable investment, but in the long-run, it is a more cost-effective solution. Granite tabletops last a lifetime and are less costly to maintain. It is amazingly durable and it is both scratch and burn-resistant, which means that it is a great foil to the cast-iron dishes you want to serve at your dinner parties and gatherings. 


Quartz Dining Tables


Quartz dinner tables are less common than granite or marble, but its popularity has been steadily rising in the past years. Quartz is beautiful and sleek, and its appeal is in its virtually zero maintenance. It is stain and corrosion-resistant and it can withstand scratches and chipping. 


Beautiful with its own range of colours to choose from, quartz dining tables are great for homes with young children. It can be cut into different shapes, even as a way to refurbish a wooden dining table. However, quartz are heavier than wood, so if you want to a quartz makeover for your wooden dining table, make sure to reinforce the legs to support the weight of the stone.



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