How to Create a Family Friendly Kitchen

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How to Create a Family Friendly Kitchen
How to Create a Family Friendly Kitchen

How to Create a Family Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is a natural hub of activity for a home. More than just a place for preparing meals, it’s an area of the home which brings everyone together. Family friendly kitchens have lots of room and features to encourage people to get together, mingle and interact. 


Make sure your kitchen has these features so everyone can have a good time cooking, eating and enjoying each other’s company. 

Accessibility for All Ages

One of the hallmarks of a family friendly kitchen is usability for all ages at the same time. There are many design tips you can follow so that your grandparents or your children can easily get what they need from the kitchen. 


For drawers, cupboards and cabinets, go smart by using pull-down, pull-out or even touch-to-open systems over traditional designs. This not only makes them child-friendly and old folk-friendly, they’re also more convenient for daily use. Add ergonomic handles to make them even easier to open.

Choose the Right Materials

The materials you choose for your floors and countertops play a huge role in the safety, usability and durability of your kitchen. Your floor tiles should be anti-slip and easy to clean. Additionally, it should be resistant to grease and moisture while also being durable enough to handle heavy traffic. Porcelain tiles are perfect for your kitchen floor.


Countertops need a durable, non-porous material that is easy to clean and resistant to spills. Smooth finishes make it easier to wipe down surfaces after cooking. For increased hygiene, especially where young children are concerned, opt for kitchen countertops with antimicrobial properties to ensure the area is cleaned and sanitised. This can prevent bacteria or contamination from spreading when preparing or cooking food.

Safety First

Safety is a key consideration when designing a family friendly spaces. The equipment used in a typical kitchen makes it a dangerous area on its own, which is why even more important to have additional safety features for children and the elderly who may be slow to recognise danger.


Keep sharp objects up high in shelves where children can’t reach. Use safety locks as an added deterrent if your lower cabinets are used to keep heavy items like big pots or pans. If you are looking to get a movable kitchen cart, ensure it is stable with lockable wheels so nobody accidentally tips it over. 


Clutter is a huge no-no as well. Keep countertops free and appliances away from the edge. Your kitchen should be well-lit and spacious enough to move around without feeling cramped.

Wide Open Spaces

Family friendly kitchens are all about connection. An open kitchen that blends into other areas of the house like the dining and living room facilitates interaction and makes it easy for family members to talk to each other. 


Open kitchens also improve their usability. They make the space more accessible and opens it up for other uses. When there are plenty of guests over, a kitchen island handily turns into a second dining table to accommodate more people.


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