Tile Tips on How to Create Your Dream Look on a Budget

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Tile Tips on How to Create Your Dream Look on a Budget
Tile Tips on How to Create Your Dream Look on a Budget
Tile Tips on How to Create Your Dream Look on a Budget

When it comes to tiles, the wide range of options is enough to inspire any renovation. However, working on any inspiration is restricted by budget and getting the tile effect you want can be costly if left unchecked. If you’re working with a limited budget for your tile renovation, here are some ideas to make sure that you’re only restricting your cost and not your imagination:


Play with Patterns

The best thing about tiles is that you can create different vibes even with just the pattern of the layout. Don’t shy away from cheaper tiles and get creative with its patterns to help you achieve a fresh and novel look. Not only will you set an interesting conversation piece in the room, you also refresh the worth of the tile, making it look much more than its price tag.


Mind Your Edges

One of the things that make tiles look shoddy is when you don’t clean up the edges of where your pattern stops. If you’re using tiles for your walls, hiding the uneven edges behind cabinets or fixtures makes the job easy. However, in the absence of a place to hide the end of the pattern, best make sure that you’ve capped them off with a bullnose or finishing tile for a sleek and completed look. Finishing tiles makes your room feel deliberate, and not just because you ran out of tiles.


Pair With Expensive Ones

The secret to making your tiles look more expensive than they really are is to make sure that they’re premium by association. Juxtaposing cheaper tiles with more expensive ones gives you a sense of being able to splurge on your design without breaking the bank. Also, it helps to justify the cost of the more expensive ones: compromising on the amount of tiles you have to buy to achieve the effect allows you to recreate your mood board at a much friendlier cost.


Make Them Invisible

A trick that many interior designers use is to make your tiling subtle. This is achieved by making sure that the spacing between the tiles is as minimal as possible and that the grouting is almost the same colour as the tile. Rendering your tiling almost invisible gives you a textured wall that is not as expensive as if you choose to decorate it with a whole slab of stone, plus it gives you an easy-to-clean option. Marbled tiles work especially well in recreating pure marble countertops and flooring, though you can also experiment with different kinds of woods or stone.


Use Colours To Your Advantage

Tiles make it easier to incorporate colour in the room, whether they are in the motif of the tiles or simply in its hue. You can easily create contrasts by getting tiles in two different colours, or draw the eye to the backsplash with intricate designs and textures. Coloured tiles can also help you create the illusion of a smaller or bigger room, depending on what you need. The possibilities are endless, but with the perfect balance of creativity and practicality, you can accomplish the tile renovation that you dream of.

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