Add Character to Your Home with These Table Accessories

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Add Character to Your Home with These Table Accessories
Add Character to Your Home with These Table Accessories

Many of us don’t live in a place with old house charm, reminiscent of a lived-in space that’s full of character and tells a story. These days, modern homes follow the design trend of being decluttered, functional and effective. While that’s great for daily living, as a homeowner it can feel a bit uninspiring and sterile.

Fret not, because there is an easy way for you to add a bit of character, colour, interest and fun to your space. Table accessories let you express your personality and can be decorative items while still offering practicality. Here are some table accessories from Hong Lee Building Materials that do just that:

3 Tiered Stand

This handmade tiered stand is built from three different sized marble plates. Its verticality allows you to keep loose items on your table organized. The bottom piece is perfect for keeping sweets treats like cupcakes, candies for guests or conveniently-placed coasters for drinks to keep the coffee table clean. The top levels can be used for frequently used items like the TV remote, keys or loose coins.

Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your space yet sturdy enough for everyday living, the marble plates project a luxurious vibe that draws the eye and is beautiful to look at. Fully customisable from dimensions to your choice of marble/granite/ColourQuartz materials, create your one-of-a-kind stand here.

Angular Pot

Many of us love how flowers add colour, life, softness and lifts the mood of a room. But an often overlooked accessory is the pot that holds the flower arrangements. Handmade using designs in our marble range, the fine lines of our angular pot provide an interesting contrast against the soft shapes of flowers or plants you choose to put in it. Our particular model is made from Onyx, cast in off-white with pale brown streaks that form natural patterns which add visual interest and exudes charm. Ideal to complement the neutral hues of any Scandinavian-inspired home.

As with all designs, the dimensions, materials and finish are all customisable to suit your home. Pick a pot that complements your living room here.

Circular Holder

The angular pot’s smaller, rounder cousin, our circular holder is the ideal carrier for smaller objects like pens or brushes. Handmade from ColourQuartz, this little ornament is remarkably durable and resistant to spills and splashes, making it suitable as a holder for all areas of your home.

The Siberian White design matches any white or grey tiles and is patterned to draw the eye and become an instantly recognisable accent piece as soon as you scan the room. More customisation with your choice of materials and dimension is available on request. Get your very own circular holder here.

Marble Trays

Trays come in a variety of different sizes, but they all make a huge difference on the shelf, desk or coffee table wherever they are put. Trays made out of a natural material help offset other materials and bring a nice texture to the room.

Our elegant marble trays are as versatile as they are appealing. Use them to display your favourite cosmetics, serve a cheese platter, or turn its beauty into an ornament by displaying it as it is. From Carrara Marble to Grigio Carnico, elevate your style with alluring patterns that can only be found in nature. We especially love how they add a posh finishing touch to a clothed tabletop and gleam under the soft glow of dimly lit candles — perfect for those fancy nights at home.

We’re able to customise marble trays to suit your home decor. Simply pick the type of marble you would like and choose if you’d like a small (20cm) or large (30cm) tray.

Marble Coasters

When we think of coasters, we think of dinky pieces of plastic or wood that serve to protect your cold drink from staining the table. Although practical, this accessory goes unnoticed in homes — nobody cares how it looks as long as it does the job.

Handmade with Italian marble, we’ve elevated the humble coaster to undiscovered heights of elegance. More than just a base for your drink, our polished Nero Marquina marble coasters are sleek, stylish, and timeless, the perfect addition to your kitchen or dinner table. Don’t just limit its beauty to drinks, this coaster is also perfect to present one-bite foods like sushi, shrimp or scallops.

Get marble coasters for your next fancy dinner party here.

Whichever form of home accessory you choose, natural materials exude an element of timeless design that complement any decor and brings out the best in your home. Hong Lee Building Materials is Singapore’s leading tile supplier with a wide range of quality marbles, granites, quartz that can be handcrafted into unique accessories for your home. Visit us at our website or drop us a Facebook message to find out more.